We’re always striving to find new ways to be more environmentally conscious in our business practices. We’ve outlined below the ways we are currently doing our bit.  If you have any questions or feedback for us, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Paper Stocks 

Being a dominantly paper goods business, we are very conscious of our impact on de-forestation. To minimise our contribution, at a minimum we use papers that are FSC certified. This means that it is made with, or contains, wood that comes from FSC certified forests (trees planted for paper production) or from post-consumer waste.

Here’s a more detailed list of our paper stock’s environmental certifications:

White Papers

340gsm Knight Vellum - Textured bright white paper used for all our bright white digital printing, FSC mix certified and chlorine free.

Gmund Bio Cycle - an Ivory coloured, lightly textured paper, made from 100% recycled cellulose. In 2020 we are transitioning all our ivory paper to Gmund Bio Cycle. 

Gmund Bio Cycle Wheat - a cream coloured stock with a ridged texture, made from up to 50% cellulose from wheat straw, that replaces classical wood-based raw material. Containing 5% unprocessed straw from Bavarian farmers, it produces a genuine straw feeling when one runs one’s fingertips over it and has lots of beautiful straw flecks through it.

EcoStar 100% Recycled - Recycled white paper for digital printing - we offer EcoStar 100% Recycled, which is a more off white option to the Knight Vellum and has flecks through it, but a more eco-friendly alternative. Please note in your order if you'd like us to print on EcoStar.

Neenah Cotton 600gsm -  an ultra thick 100% cotton stock made from cotton linters, used for letterpress and foil press printing. Cotton linters are a byproduct of the cotton industry that is recognised by the EPA as recovered fiber. Not only are these fibers environmentally responsible, they make a paper of superior quality and are recyclable with traditional paper. Colours available are bright white, pearl white (ivory), pale grey and blush (a very light blush).

Coloured Papers

Colorplan coloured paper 270gsm - we use this range for the majority of our coloured paper orders. This stock is FSC certified and chlorine free.
Extract coloured paper 350gsm - made from recycled coffee cups.
Gmund coloured paper 300gsm - another coloured paper range. This stock is FSC certified and produced with 75% renewable energy sources.
Dusty Rose paper 280gsm - FSC certified.
Cipria Blush paper 280gsm - FSC certified.
French Paper Fuse Green (Mustard) 280gsm - FSC certified.
French Paper Steel Blue (Sage) 280gsm - FSC certified.
Black Pop Set 330gsm - FSC certified.

Large format signage

We use a 3mm white laminated cardboard which prints full colour beautifully using UV ink, and can be recycled. It can also be laser-cut!


White envelopes - 100gsm cotton paper
Thank you card/Save the date envelopes - 100gsm Knight Smooth or 100gsm Ecostar 100% recycled paper
Coloured envelopes - 100gsm Colorplan paper


Acrylic and PVC

We no longer offer acrylic as a material for any of our products. Aside from striving to reduce our consumption of plastics, another reason for this decision is that the only acrylic we are able to source cannot be recycled through the domestic recycling process. We hate the potential of invites and single use signage ending up in landfill. Plastic will take several hundred years to breakdown!

We also believe that acrylics aren't necessary to create beautiful stationery and signage. We have been working hard to create signage and stands made from repurposed/renewable materials for example, that we think looks even better than plastic!


Digital Stationery

Another way we are continuing to strive to be a more eco friendly business is by offering digital invitations and websites. We will happy provide artwork only for any of our invites, in a format that is suitable for emailing to your guests, or sending via Paperless Post.

We also create beautiful websites for weddings, to offer clients an alternative to RSVP cards and info cards. These work out about the same costs as an RSVP and info card, you can fit way more detail plus you will save time on collating your RSVPs!

If you'd to like to arrange your own printing and require print-ready artwork from us then get in touch and we can provide you a quote.


Our Packaging

We reuse all our bubble wrap from prior deliveries so we never buy it new, and we also collect unwanted bubble wrap from other businesses to use in our packaging of your orders.

We have worked with our printers to remove as much shrink wrap as possible from our orders, and are happy to report that most of our deliveries from the printer are now plastic free. Any paper waste from deliveries is repurposed or recycled.

Our boxes are made from 100% recycled cardboard and printed with eco friendly inks, so they are safe for recycling post use (but they make handy storage boxes so please reuse!). We also use recycled paper tissue, paper stickers and are currently transitioning to compostable postage satchels. Our business stationery is made with FSC certified colour paper.



We ship all our domestic Australian orders with Sendle. Australia's first carbon neutral delivery service, and also a registered B Corp.

Internationally we ship via DHL Express, and elect to carbon offset all our shipments.


Stand Hire

If you are getting married in Melbourne or Victoria, we have a great range of signage stands for hire, through our friends at The Small Things Co. Hire is a very sustainable option for events, ensuring items are not purchased and used only once. Have a look at our hire collection here.